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Green Energy FAQs

Are solar panels or wind turbines better?

The answer to this question comes down mostly to personal preference. Generally people seem to agree that solar panels are better for creating energy almost all the time. The only time they stop creating energy is when they are covered. Wind turbines do require wind in order to run, but they work well in some areas where there is at least a breeze every day.

I want solar panels, but I don’t have a lot of money. How many solar panels do I have to start off with?

If you can’t afford to buy very many solar panels at once, this isn’t a big deal. Check the type of panels you are thinking of buying and see if they can be added to later. Most have this ability, so if you can only buy one or two at first, this is fine. Later, you can buy another one or two and just add them to the system.

What are some ways I can start going green without spending a lot of money?

Buying eco friendly products is easy and often very inexpensive. You can start with things like the reusable shopping bags that many stores are now providing. These only cost a couple dollars each and you might be surprised how many bags they will save over their lifetime. Energy efficient light-bulbs and green cleaners are also easy changes.


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